Top 5 Fast Bowlers to Watch Out in this CWC 2022

Each of us likes Cricket, and fast bowling is an essential component of that sport. The cricket world has had the good fortune to witness some of the greatest players in this game phase over the years. Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis bowled and shook the opposition together in front of the community.

Along with Rawalpindi Express and Britt Lee, who bowls fast and furious to hit on batsman’s head. Additionally, we saw the batters being terrified by the lethal West Indian Quartet. Who are the best quick bowlers in today’s game?

Each team is trying to establish its fast bowling unit as the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 draws near. Two different forms of quick bowling are used in T20. Teams should try to find a player who can swing the ball early and won’t miss yorkers late. The 5 Bowlers to watch out for in this T20 World Cup 2022 are listed below:

Top 5 Fast Bowlers to Watch Out in this CWC 2022

1) Pat Cummins

At the ICC T20 World Cup in October, Pat Cummins, the red-ball captain of the men in the baggy greens, will represent Australia. The host nation is Australia, which is also the current champion. This seasoned pacer’s sturdy shoulders will carry a lot of weight. It is admirable that Cummins has maintained his physical fitness and availability for Australia to play in any format.

Pat’s biggest strength is his enormous amount of experience. He began his career when he was 18 years old and has been incredibly successful. He has a laser-guided yorker and a highly accurate bouncer. Add to that the quick tempo at which he always bowls! Because of this, Cummins is a highly lethal T20 bowler. He is a thoughtful bowler who is quite knowledgeable about the sport.

Cummins is a Calm-headed individual who, last time around, led Australia to victory. Additionally, he is practicing variations like the slower ball and the knuckleball. His teammates think of him as a humorous individual who always helps to lighten the tone on the squad.

2) Shaheen Shah Afridi

At the ICC T20 World Cup in 2021, I can still clearly recall Shaheen Shah Afridi’s “jaffa” sending KL Rahul’s off-stump flying off the ground. In the encounter against India, he excelled and single-handedly brought Pakistan the victory. He hit Rohit Sharma with a quick, accurate delivery that was in the perfect spot.

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Shaheen shares specific characteristics with Pat Cummins. He began playing in 2018 at 18, and since then, he has established himself as Pakistan’s most experienced and reliable bowler.

He is prepared to rumble the Indian batting on Australian pitches favorable to pacers.
Shaheen grants Pakistan’s squad two or three quality overs on the powerplay. His balls have a lethal inswing for right-handers and are fast, and he can try to take advantage of Rohit Sharma’s vulnerability to left-arm pacers once more. His PSL performance was impressive enough to merit discussion.

3) Jasprit Bumrah

The leader of the Indian fast bowling assault will be Jasprith Bumrah. The Indian attack appears disorganized, but the World Cup will resolve that. Jasprit Bumrah will undoubtedly board the October flight to Australia, though.

Despite having one of his worst IPL seasons, Bumrah still took 15 wickets. A bowler’s dream is to take 15 wickets in an IPL season, and Bumrah has accomplished that on a bad day! That reveals a great deal about the bar Boom has set for himself.

Bumrah has been utilized by Rohit Sharma to effectively and strategically deal with the opposition’s senior batters.

He bowls at a rapid rate. He consistently records 145 clicks. His slower ball becomes incredibly tough to handle because of this rapid pace.

He has also added the wide-yorker and the knuckleball to his arsenal. Bumrah has ensured dominance in T20 cricket throughout the years. Additionally, the cricketing world is fully aware of Bumrah’s potential. Bumrah’s strengths are two to three powerplay overs and the remaining in the end.

4) Anrich Nortje

Anrich Nortje has performed just as well for South Africa despite living in KG Rabada’s shadow, and he provides precisely the same menu as Rabada does. In 2020, both bowlers performed admirably for the Delhi Capitals and the South African national squad.

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It’s terrible that Anrich Nortje injured his elbow. However, it hasn’t slowed him down. He’s gotten quicker. Up to IPL 2022, he held the record for the IPL’s quickest bowl. Anrich provides a good selection of variations as well, and he employs the more sluggish ones. His slower delivery comes at 110 kmph, while his stock delivery is at 145+ kmph. The batters are now bewildered by the speed variation.

5) Trent Boult

Trent Boult has grown particularly fond of the game’s shortest format. He has begun to bowl incredibly well in the final overs. Boult was the Mumbai Indians’ most efficient bowler late in their disastrous IPL 2021 season. His efforts ensured that the Rajasthan Royals would play in the IPL finals in 2022.

In the powerplay, he grants two to three overs. The Australian pitches also work well for him. He shared the lead for wickets taken in the most recent World Cup held in Australia. He has an advantage due to his left arm’s angle and consistently records 145 or more clicks. He can make the bounce on Australian pitches and cause trouble for the batters with the short ball because of his height and higher jump.

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