How to Watch Live Streaming T20 WC 2022 in Canada

Cricket fans are becoming more excited to watch the World Cup as the T20 World Cup gets underway on October 17. We’ll have two 12-team groups in this T20 Cricket World Cup, known as the Super 12 round. Only 4 teams (2 from each group) will compete in the Semi-Final rounds.

This guide discusses free and paid ways on how to watch live streaming T20 World cup 2022 in Canada. However, it is strongly encouraged to utilize a VPN on your device if you’re watching via the free or Premium way.

Free Method to Watch T20 World Cup in Canada using VPN

The steps below will explain how to watch the T20 World Cup for free in Canada. However, we advise using a VPN because we do not know if they have the right to stream it for free. We advise using ExpressVPN as your VPN.

Step 1: Launch your web browser and navigate to the URL
Step 2: Find the T20 World Cup game in the left menu.
Step 3: Press the Play button.
Step 4: A box will appear; click Play to start the free streaming of the T20 World Cup!

Note: A few advertisements will appear while the video is playing; when this happens, close the ad tabs.

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Best Paid Options to Watch T20 World Cup Live in Canada

There are many excellent possibilities in Canada for those who want to watch the T20 Cricket World Cup in that country using a premium option.

Sling TV

A subscription-based streaming service called Sling TV offers movies, TV series, sports channels, and other content. Additionally, you can register for specific channels. The Willow channel on Sling TV is where you can watch the T20 World Cup.

Sling TV is only available in the US; thus, to access it from Canada, you must use a VPN like ExpressVPN to change your IP address to a US IP address.

The three available subscriptions are as follows:


32 channels for streaming on a single device for $10 for the first month and 50 hours of DVR storage are also included. It benefits NCAA football families.


It costs $10 for the first month, includes 50 hours of DVR storage, and delivers 43 channels for streaming across 3 devices. It favors professional football News viewers.

Orange & Blue

Offers 51 channels for streaming on 1-3 devices for $20 for the first month, and the same 50 hours of DVR storage are also included.

Fox Sports

In Australia, Fox Sports, an Australian sports station, will transmit the T20 World Cup in 2022. If you have a Fox Sports subscription, you can start streaming from their website by connecting your VPN to the Australian server.

Fox Sports uses a Kayo subscription model; a monthly Kayo subscription costs just $25.

Sky Sports

A UK-based broadcaster named Sky Sports has the exclusive right to broadcast the T20 World Cup in the country. On their website, you can watch for free in real-time.

It would help if you had an annual pass, which costs $399.99 for 365 days OR $33.34 each month, to watch the live broadcast.

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